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West Coast Odyssey Enterprises Inc. is one of the leading immigration and business development services firms based in North Vancouver, BC, with offices in the Middle East. We are engaged in immigration to different countries and offer services to clients who are interested in immigration to the United States, Canada, Australia, Hungary, Germany, The UK, Latvia, Denmark, Portugal, Greece, etc. We have helped hundreds of applicants establish or acquire their businesses in Canada, Germany and Australia, get Work Permits, Permanent Residency Visas and Citizenships.

We began offering our consultation services in 2004, and got WCOE registered in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2005. We have a portfolio of many immigration applications in the industry with about 1100 successful cases so far.

We offer business development and business immigration services. We provide value added services to our clients by providing professional individualized solutions to our clients' entrepreneurial investment requirements.

We have the courage to develop new creative solutions to solve even the most difficult cases. In cooperation with our immigration lawyers around the world, we offer a wide range of services and advise clients on all aspects of immigration, including, but not limited to, business immigration, starting new businesses, buying existing businesses, acquiring franchises, and expanding businesses.

Immigration Team

Being a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant , Ms. Nasrin Mirzai Yazd is serving as the immigration consultant of the team for Canada . In addition, Mr. Amirhossein Marjaee has served as a General Manager since 2015. He has brought significant benefits to non-Canadian Immigration categories of the company. Immigration attorneys who cooperate with our firm include, but are not limited to, Dr. Axel Dawyer for Germany immigration programs, and James C. Wolf for USA immigration programs.