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Program Eligibility

Under the 100% Ownership Stream, the applicant must:
• Complete and submit all required Federal and Provincial PNP forms and supporting documentation.
• Pay a $10,000 application processing fee.
• Possess a minimum verifiable personal net worth of $600,000 which has been accumulated through legal andlegitimate sources in their own right.
• Possess a minimum education of high-school equivalent.
• Be within 21-59 years of age at the time of application.
• Have transferable management skills and past employment.
• Have scored a minimum band score of 4.0 on the IELTS/TEF within the last 2 years.
• Provide a detailed business plan for 100% business ownership that falls within an eligible sector and meets allprogram criteria in place at the time of application.
• Provide active and on-going management of the business from within Prince Edward Island.
• Sign an escrow agreement containing stipulations on a deposit of $200,000 to be held by the Province until theterms of the agreement have been met.
• Make a minimum $150,000 investment into a new or existing Prince Edward Island owned and operatedbusiness. All transactions must conform to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

If an applicant meets all program criteria in place at application time and is approved, a nomination certificate will be issued.

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