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Ministerial Decree, Quebec’s Minister of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion announced that the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program will reopen from May 30 2016 to February 28 2017. 

The Minister announced an increase of the maximum number of applications to 1,900 applications, including a maximum of 1,330 which can be received from Chinese passport holders (including passport holders from Hong Kong and Macao).
Some key points to consider for the next opening:  
•         All applications must be submitted to Quebec Immigration in Montreal.  The office in Hong Kong will not be accepting applications;
•         The Government processing fee will continue to be $15,000 until December 31 2016.  Any applications received in 2017 may be subject to an increase in this fee;
•         The list of documents published in November 2015 will most likely still be used;
•         Any applicants who demonstrate an intermediate ability in French, can submit their application at any time until March 31, 2017 and will receive priority processing.